Telehealth Technologist Salary 

The average Telehealth Salary is calculated by the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics from a variety of sources. Telehealth Technologists work in a number of settings including hospitals, clinics and the insurance industry.

Telehealth Technologist ssalaries vary depending on the location and the setting. The assumption was made that the Telehealth Technologists reflected here were working an average of 40 hours per week with a total of 2080 hours per year.


The median Telehealth Technologists salary is $16.42 per hour. The lowest 10% earn $10.70 per hour and those in the upper 10% earn more than $27.02 per hour.


On an annual basis the median Telehealth Technologists Salary is $34,160. The lowest 10% earn a salary of $22,250 per year while the upper 10% earn more than $56,200 per year. These salaries are calculated as an average.

Lowest and Highest  

The lowest paid Telehealth Technologists earn less than $ 13.00 per hour. Presumably this is offset by costs of living and other factors. The lower pay levels are associated with rural areas and schools. The highest pay levels are found in major population areas where the highest wage is over $27.00 per hour. Demand and low supply seem to be a significant factor in fueling higher salaries.

Top 5 States

The top paying states to earn a Telehealth Technologists Salary are New Jersey $55,130, District of Columbia $45,500, Hawaii $42,500, California$42,270, and Colorado $42,110.

Top 5 Metropolitan Areas

The best city or metropolitan areas to earn a Telehealth Technologists Salary are Trenton-Ewing, NJ $58,010, Newark-Union NJ-PA $57,960, Edison-New Brunswick, NJ Metropolitan Division $55,930, Camden, NJ Metropolitan Division $55,760, and Oakland-Fremont-Hayward, CA Metropolitan Division $50,150.

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Other Industries that Employ Telehealth Technologists

Insurance carriers, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, and cancer treatment centers are other areas employing the medical records or health information technician.

Employment Data

According to the US Department of Labor nationally there are over 180,280 Telehealth Technologists who earn a salary through being employed. A number of these specialize in other areas but are categorized as Telehealth Technologists.



International Salary for Tele-health Technicians

UK (1)

·         Salaries for Tele-health Technicians range from £24,000 to £50,000 per year depending on qualifications and experience.

·         Tele-health Technicians can expect to earn between £35,000 and £65,000 per year depending on qualifications and experience.

·         Office hours of 9am to 5pm are common but extra hours, including weekends or shifts, may be required for many posts. There may be some on-call work to provide cover for emergency arrangements and to attend in the event of an incident.

·         Self-employment/freelance work is often possible after significant experience and qualification as a Telehealth technician.

·         Most people will find that this career is opening doors for many in the UK.  The jobs are at hospitals, universities and other health care or research locations. Most work a 40 hour work week, but are available on emergency basis when needed.


Canada (2)

Most full time Tele-health Technicians in Canada will earn between $65,000 and $75,000 a year.  For the most part, employment prospects for this occupation are very good.  The government forecasts that an aging population and the arrival of new medical technologies and techniques, as well as the introduction of more advanced equipment, will require more technologists in the near future.

According to the latest figures, the highest hourly average wages are earned in Edmonton, Alberta at $37.25 per hour and the lowest average wages are earned in Montreal, Quebec at $23.00 per hour.

Job titles and positions vary in the Tele-health Technicians field.  These technicians are responsible for setting up, maintaining and operating equipment.  Presently, this occupation is eligible for the federal skilled worker permanent resident visa.

Employment prospects for Tele-health Technicians are good in Canada. The government forecasts that an aging population and the arrival of new medical technologies and techniques, as well as the introduction of more advanced equipment, will require more technologists in the near future.


Australia (3)

Tele-health Technicians as well as other Medical Technicians provide a great deal of support to medical professionals in various ways. They prepare, operate and maintain medical equipment in a variety of hospital settings. 

The average salary for a Tele-health Technicians is $60,000 a year with the starting salary at $45, 000 and the senior salary at $70,000.  These wages are based on education, skills, experience and employers.  The worker in this profession works an average of forty hours a week.  As of November 2012 approximately 26,400 worked as Tele-health Technicians

The job industry outlook is very positive for these position and employment in these areas has risen by 16.4% over the last few years.  The top three regions in Australia for Tele-health Technicians and Medical technicians are NSW 36.9%, VIC 27% and QLD 21.9%.


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