Radiologist Salary

Radiologist using a CT exam to diagnose and evaluate a patient condition

A Radiologist Salary is driven by many of the same factors in health care that other health care salaries are driven by.  A strange blend of high demand and low supply being forced to deal with a decreased re-imbursement monetary model. Still, radiologist compensation is one of the better ones in the health care industry.

Reimbursement will vary depending on the type of radiologist. Radiologists are designated between two specializations by the salary data I have found. The first type is called a Diagnostic Radiologist -Interventional and the second type is classified as Diagnostic Radiologist - Non-interventional.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics combines all physicians together for salary data. According to the BLS the average annual salary for specialty practice physicians is over $350,000. lists the national average as between $98,000 to $354,000. This reflects the radiologists working part time as well as full time. A survey by the American Medical Group Association for all radiologist salaries shows the median wages for all diagnostic radiologists to be considerably higher than the average. with increases reported from the AMGA salary survey for 2008 and 2009.

 Interventional radiologist's earn the most with a median salary of $478,000 per year. The lowest salaries are in the eastern part of the United States with the highest being the Southern United States. Interventional radiologist wages are as high as $575,000 annually.  Non-interventional radiologist's average $454,000 per year.

Another site reporting on salary data is which lists the average radiologist salary at just under $400,000. One explanation for the wide variation in the reported radiologist salary is that much of this data is collected from surveys sent to physicians.

These surveys have drawbacks due to the fact that the information is self reported. Additionally, not all surveys are returned and those reporting may not be representative of the entire group depending on how small the responding groups are.

Highest and Lowest Radiologist Salary

Median salary is between $200,000 to $233,000 annually.   Assuming a 40 hour week the average hourly wage is between $96.00 to $110.00 per hour.   The lowest earn less than $90 per hour with the highest paid earning over $190 per hour.

Other Industries That Employ Radiologists

Local, State and Federal medical facilities employ radiologists.  There are also some positions in universities and research programs. 

Employment Data

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports there are over 690,000 physicians and surgeons in the US.  A small number of the total are practicing radiologists.   The American College of Radiology reports having over 36,000 members.  This includes diagnostic radiologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians and medical physicists.   the numbers would seem to indicate that there are fewer than 30,000 working radiologists in the US.  

Where They Work

Like many physicians radiologists work in private practice and group practices. They also may provide services at hospitals and clinics as an employee or an independent contractor.  A small number can be found serving in the military or working for government medical services.  Some will also work in universities as teachers and researchers.


Most physicians work in private practice.  Benefits are set up as part of their practice and may include health insurance and some type of retirement savings account.  These physicians, like most, are usually self employed.  In some instances they may work as part of a group practice or as an employee of a large hospital.  Benefits may be provided as part of the employment contract.

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Job Description

A radiologist is a physician who specializes in imaging medicine.  After graduation from medical school and a basic medical residency these doctors then enroll in an additional residency focusing on radiological medicine.  They evaluate, diagnose, and treat diseases and injuries using ex-ray, MRI, CT, and scanning devices.  They may specialize in specific areas such as neurology or oncology. 

International Salary

United Kingdom (UK)

In the United Kingdom the primary employer is the National Health Service.  A radiologist with several years of practice will generally be paid as a consultant.  Consultant's earn between £75,249 and £101,451 per year.  Additionally, if working in high cost areas such as London they may earn up to £6,000 in locality pay.  Bonuses and other remuneration may be available.  


In Canada the median salary for a radiologist is $193,000 CAD.   The range is from $48,000 to $413,289 CAD.  Bonuses reported are up to $75,000.  


A radiologist in Australia earns an average salary of $165,000 AUD.  The range is salaries reported is $71,000 to $499,000 AUD.  Bonuses are as much as $50,000. 

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