No More Overtime

If you are the average healthcare worker your primary way to earn additional money is to work overtime.  You pick up extra shifts or partial shifts to increase your take home pay.

There is nothing wrong with this approach.  It is limited however.  You are essentially trading time for money.  You can only work so many hours in a week.  You have to eat, sleep, and spend time with family and friends.  Every extra shift cuts into how much time you have left to enjoy the extra money you earn.  

The best way to solve that problem is to leverage your time, knowledge, passion, and your unique perspective into a money making system that lets you stop working overtime. 

Let me ask you a few simple questions...


Are you tired of working a second job just to get by?

Or working all the overtime your job will give you to make ends meet?

Do you have a hobby that everyone tells you would make you money if you just gave it a whirl?

Does the idea of creating a website that can make money excite you... and terrify you because you don't know the first thing about HTML or XML website languages?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then you need Solo Build It....