Medical Transcription Salary

A Medical Transcription Salary is calculated by the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics from a variety of sources. The official title is Medical Transcriptionist. Medical Transcriptionists work in a number of settings including hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices. The salary of a medical transcriptionist varies depending on the location and the setting. The assumption was made that the medical transcriptionist reflected here works an average of 40 hours per week with a total of 2080 hours per year. The average salary does not reflect the beginning salary.


A transcriptionist median salary is $16.36 per hour. The lowest 10% earn $10.77 per hour and those in the upper 10% earn more than $21 per hour.


On an annual basis the median medical transcription salary is $33,350. The lowest 10% earn $22,400 per year while the upper 10% earn $45,250 per year. These salaries are calculated as a mean or average.

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Median Hourly & Annual Data

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Lowest and Highest Medical Transcription Salary

The lowest paid transcriptionists earn less than $23,000 annually. The highest paid earn over $47,000 per year with a few making over $60,000.

Top 5 States

The 5 best paying states to earn a medical transcription salary are Massachusetts $45,730, Alaska $44,960, California $44,770, District of Columbia $43,720, and Connecticut $39,840.

Top 5 Metropolitan Areas

The 5 best city or metropolitan areas to earn a medical transcription salary are San Francisco $52,950, Salinas $52,610, Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura $51,980, Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, MA NECTA Division, $49,830 and Brockton-Bridgewater-Easton, MA NECTA Division $49,510.

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Other Industries that Employ Medical Transcriptionists

While the majority works in hospitals and physicians offices some medical transcriptionists work for dental practices, insurance companies, military healthcare systems, and laboratory services.

Employment Data

According to the US Department of Labor nationally there are 82,810 or more medical transcriptionists who earn a salary through being employed. Due to outsourcing and the ability to work from home with this skill it is not known how many transcriptionists work from home, as independent contractors and/or are employed from international locations.

Where They Work

Of all the medical transcriptionists employed in the United States over 34,430 works in hospitals. Approximately 23,000 work in physicians’ offices. Business Support Services employ a little over 13,000.

Private Practice vs. Employment

Medical Transcriptionist is frequently used as an example of the perfect home business. With the growth of the internet this is an ideal telecommuter or home business. Transcriptionists desiring to seek this option to work for them may find they have to bid the work lower than prevailing wages in order to secure work. This work has been highly outsourced to international work centers in recent years. A U.S. or Canadian Transcriptionist may find thmselves with an advantage as English will be their primary written and verbal language.


Employment benefits will vary depending on business size and other factors.  A typical benefits package can be worth approximately $20,000 per year. 

International Salary

United Kingdom (UK)

The average annual salary for a medical transcriptions worker in the United Kingdom is approximately £13,700 GBP. This is approximately £6.59 per hour assuming 2080 hours per year.   Benefits are usually provided by employers and in conjunction with government provided benefits such as universal healthcare, unemployment benefits, and pensions.  Employers don't fund many of these benefits directly but may do so via taxes.


The pay scale for Medical Transcriptionists ranges from $16.96 to a top rate of $27.57 per hour depending on experience. The median salary is around $21.00 per hour. In addition, hourly premiums may apply for evening, night, weekend or holiday work.

Australia (AUS)

The average or median hourly salary for a medical transcriptions worker in Australia is $24 AUD per hour.  The lowest wages are approximately $19.00 AUD per hour with the highest being $29 AUD.  This does not include overtime work.  The average annual salary ranges between $38,000 and $63,000 per year.