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Laboratory technicians perform tests to identify organisms and diseases.  The average salary is a little over $37,000 per year in the U.S.

Laboratory technicians perform tests to identify organisms and diseases.  The average salary is a little over $37,000 per year in the U.S.

The average Medical Clinical Laboratory Technician Salary is calculated by the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics from a variety of sources. Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians work in a number of settings, like hospitals, clinics and in other laboratories.

The Medical Clinical Laboratory Technician salaries vary depending on the location and the setting. The assumption was made that the Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians reflected here were working an average of 40 hours per week with a total of 2080 hours per year. The medical laboratory or clinical laboratory technician is often referred to as a lab tech.

Median Hourly & Annual Data

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The Medical Clinical Laboratory Technician median salary is $17.90 per hour. The lowest 10% earn $11.92 per hour and those in the upper 10% earn more than $27.75 per hour.


On an annual basis the median Medical and Clinical Lab Tech Salary is $37,240. The lowest 10% earn a salary of $24,790 per year while the upper 10% earn more than $57,710 per year. These salaries are calculated as a median or average.

Lowest and Highest Clinical Lab Tech Salary

The lowest paid Medical Clinical Laboratory Technicians earn less with mean or average wages below $12.00 per hour. Presumably this is offset by costs of living and other factors. The lower pay levels are associated with rural areas and schools. The highest pay levels are found in major population areas where the highest hourly wage is over $31.00 per hour. Demand and low supply seem to be a significant factor in fueling higher salaries.

Top 5 States

The top paying states to earn a Lab Tech Salary are Rhode Island $62,850, DC $52,760, Alaska $51,470, Connecticut $49,580 and Oregon $48,590

Top 5 Metropolitan Areas

The best city or metropolitan areas to earn a lab tech salary are Providence-Warwick RI-MA $58,860, Bridgeport CT $57,490, San Francisco CA $57,420, Oakland $56,960, and San Jose CA $53,930.

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Other Industries that Employ Medical and Clinical Lab Technicians

Dentists, Junior Colleges, Accounting and Bookkeeping services, and Metal Fabricated Manufacturing employ lab techs with salary range of $20.18 to $31.24 per hour.

Employment Data

According to the US Department of Labor nationally there are over 156,860 Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians who earn a salary through being employed.

Where They Work

Of all the Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians employed in the United States over 68,900 of them work in hospitals with an additional 20,580 working in physicians’ offices. A number of these professionals work for laboratories, employment agencies and for federal and state government. The best paying industry is dental offices.

Private Practice vs. Employment

Given the nature of the work these professionals perform, and the fact that much of their work has to be interpreted by a physician, Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians are primarily employed rather than in private practice.


Fringe benefits such as vacation, health insurance and retirement plans will vary depending on the work setting and size of the employer. A typical benefits package is worth over $20,000 per year.

United Kingdom (UK) [1]

Range of typical starting salaries for those with little or no experience: £13,500 to £19,000, usually depending on qualifications held on entry. Salary range for technicians at more senior levels with some experience: £20,000-£25,000. For highly experienced technicians in management/supervisory roles, salaries can be in the range of £30,000 to £40,000.

Large private companies or those which specialize in high-technology areas tend to pay more. Overtime or on-call payments may also be possible. Working hours are mainly 9am to 5pm, with a 37 hour week. Some additional hours may be required and working within some organizations, such as the NHS, may require shifts and on-call duties. Work is almost exclusively in sterile laboratories where protective clothing is worn, but there may be occasional trips out to collect or deliver specimens or to take measurements.

Canada [2]

Medical laboratory technician, phlebotomist and medical laboratory assistant - A typical full-time annual salary for this occupation is in the region of $40,000 – $45,000.

According to the latest figures, the highest hourly average wages are earned in Montreal, Quebec at $23 per hour and the lowest average wages are earned in Winnipeg, Manitoba at $17.30 per hour.

Employment prospects for medical laboratory technicians are good in Canada. The government forecasts that the arrival of new medical technologies and techniques, as well as the introduction of more advanced equipment, will require more technologists in the near future.


Medical Laboratory Scientists work in formalized laboratory settings. They test samples and conduct tests to diagnose diseases and provide information about further treatment and future prevention.

  • Starting salary: $61,500 P/A
  • Senior salary: $94,000 P/A
  • Average salary: $75,000 P/AWages will vary according to your level of skill, experience and employer
  • Employment level:23,600 as of November 2012 (Projected employment levels in 2017 of 26,000)
  • Average weekly hours: Average weekly hours worked for a full time Medical Laboratory Scientist is 38.8 hours
  • Employment by region: The top three regions for employment as a Medical Laboratory Scientist include:VIC: 38.1%NSW: 31.6%QLD: 9.8%

Employment for Medical Laboratory Scientists has risen by a rate of 28.4% over the past 5 years and is expected to grow strongly through 2017.

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