Internist Salary

The average Internist Salary is calculated by the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics from a variety of sources. Internists work in a number of settings including hospitals, clinics and schools.

The salary of an internist varies depending on the location and the setting. The assumption was made that the Internists reflected here were working an average of 40 hours per week with a total of 2080 hours per year. Internists are also known as Internal Medicine Doctors.


An Internist mean salary is $91.00 per hour. The lowest 10% earn $32.59 per hour and those in the upper 10% earn more than $90.00 per hour.


On an annual basis the median Internists salary is greater than $184,000. The lowest 10% earn less than $68,000 per year while the upper 10% earn more than $187,000 per year. These salaries are calculated as a mean or average.

Lowest and Highest Healthcare Administrator Salary

The lowest paid Internists earn less than $68,000 annually while the highest paid Internists earn as much as $250,000 per year.

Top 5 States

The best paying states for Internists are South Dakota $249,480, Alaska $239,720, Montana $237,100, Kansas $236,290, and District of Columbia $234,340.

Top 5 Metropolitan Areas

The best city or metropolitan areas to earn an Internist salary are Wilmington, NC, Wichita, KS, Tallahassee, FL, Springfield, MO, and Pueblo, CO.

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Median Hourly & Annual Data

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Employment Data

There are over 46,700 Internists working in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Approximately 70% of them are listed as working in physicians’ offices. This is approximately 32,250. A large number of physicians are considered to be self-employed and are not captured by the US Bureau of Labor census.

Other Industries that Employ Internists or Internal Medicine Doctors

Laboratories, the federal and state government and employment services offer other employment opportunities for these professionals.

Where They Work

Of all the Internists employed in the United States the majority of them work in doctors’ offices or clinics.  Approximately 11,000 work in hospitals and outpatient settings.  Around 5% of all internists work in colleges or universities.

Private Practice vs. Employment

Internists are typically employed in private practice, offices and hospitals. Those in private practice earn more than $200,000 per year, while those employed by other means earn anywhere from less than $94,000 annually to more than $187,000.


Fringe benefits such as vacation, health insurance and retirement plans will vary depending on the work setting and size of the employer. A typical benefits package is worth over $20,000 per year.

International Salary

United Kingdom (UK)

The median salary for an internist in the UK is £37,277.  The salary range is £24,417 - £95,449.   Bonuses range from 0 to £10,400 per annum.


More than half of general internists (46%) receive 90+% of their income from fee-for-service, while almost a third (31%) receive their income from a blended source (i.e., made up of a combination of 2 or more payment methods like fee-for-service, salary, capitation, sessional, contract, benefits/pensions, on-call remuneration or some other form).  

 According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information’s National Physician Database 2009-

2010, the average gross fee-for-service payment per general internist (who received at least $60,000 in payments) in 2009-2010 was $361,621.


The median or average internist salary in Australia is $82, 404.  The lower 10% earn around $47,000 AUD per year while the upper 10% earn as much as $200,000 AUD per year.


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