Biomedical Engineer Job Description

Biomedical Engineer Job Description:  

Having a career as a Biomedical Engineer is not only interesting, but exciting. The field itself is growing very quickly as more and more Biomedical Engineering positions are becoming available. Biomedical Engineers work as analysts in the field of patient care. They look at problems in medicine and work to find a solution. This is done to improve the overall quality of patient care while making it an effect approach to health care. They design various systems and products such as protheses and artificial organs in addition to adjusting, maintaining and repairing biomedical equipment needed for the care of patients. Additionally, they check the safety of equipment and record details about service adjustments and basic needs of the biomedical equipment.   For the most part, Biomedical engineers mix science and medicine to analyze and design explanations to problems be it in biology or medicine to assist with patient care.  Most of their work focuses on research and looking for an answer.  

Work Environment:

The Biomedical Engineer can work in a variety of locations.  From hospitals and labs to research facilities and manufacturing companies, these engineers can work in almost setting based on the research and needs that are to be met. More often than not, Biomedical Engineers work full time which consists of forty hours per week.

Education and Training 

Most people will find that becoming a biomedical engineer is a lot like any other type of engineer. To become a Biomedical Engineer one must attend an engineering program in college and receive a Bachelor’s degree or work on it as a Master’s degree program. Both of these must be accredited program.   Once a degree has been acquired the engineer will need to receive further accreditation to become a Biomedical Engineer. Otherwise, they can acquire a graduate degree in biomedical engineering or receive on-the-job training in biomedical engineering.

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The median annual wage for biomedical engineers is $86,960.  As with most jobs of this nature, the salary will depend on advanced degrees, location and experience. The lower 10% earned around $49,490 a year while the upper 10% earned more than $123,270.  As with other professions, the salary earned depended on the type of job and the facility in which they were working.  

Job Outlook

The field of Biomedical Engineering is growing rapidly and the career is expected to grow more than 30% in the next few years. This is much more than most of today’s occupations.  Most people will find that the demand for biomedical engineers outweighs the number available in various locations. For this reason, the field is ever growing and changing.  

Important Points

Biomedical Engineers due not always have to work in the medical field, but due to the nature of the position their services are very important to the field of medicine and scientific research. 

Career Progression

Biomedical Engineers can progress in their field.  This is dependent on education, training and leadership skills. There is the opportunity to open their own business or contract out for additional work. This would give the Biomedical Engineer the opportunity to become a small business owner.