Speech Therapist Salary

A Speech Therapist Salary is calculated by the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics from a variety of sources. Speech Therapists work in a number of settings including hospitals, clinics and medical offices. A Speech Therapists salary will vary depending on the location and the setting. Area of specialization also plays a part in how much they earn. The assumption was made that the Speech Therapists reflected here were working an average of 40 hours per week with a total of 2080 hours per year.

Median Hourly & Annual Data 


The median salary is $35.56 per hour. The lowest 10% earn $21.57 per hour and those in the upper 10% earn more than $52.79 per hour.


On an annual basis the median or average Speech Therapist salary is $70,810. The lowest 10% earn less than $44,860 per year while the upper 10% earn more than $109,800 per year. These salaries are calculated as a mean or average.

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 Hourly Wage






Annual Wage












Lowest and Highest Speech Therapist Salary

The lowest paid Speech Therapists earn mean or average wages below $21.00 per hour. Presumably this is offset by costs of living and other factors. The lower pay levels are associated with rural areas. The highest pay levels are found in major metropolitan areas where the mean or average wage is over $46.00 per hour. Demand and low supply seem to be a significant factor in fueling higher salaries.

Top 5 States

The best states to earn a Speech Therapist salary are California $86,090, New Jersey $85,400, Colorado $83,920, Maryland $81,410 and Nevada $81,380.

Top 5 Metropolitan Areas

The best city or metropolitan areas to be a Speech Therapist are Sacramento--Arden-Arcade--Roseville, CA $111,490, Fairbanks, AK $104,710, Santa Fe, NM $103,140, Sherman-Denison, TX $99,270, and Salinas, CA $98,790.

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Other Industries that Employ Speech Therapists

Diagnostic laboratories, home health agencies, community care centers for the elderly and nursing care facilities also employ the services of the speech therapist.

Employment Data

It is estimated that there are 111,640 Speech Therapists employed in the U.S.

Where They Work

Over117,000 speech therapists work in elementary and secondary schools, hospitals and healthcare practitioner offices.

Private Practice vs. Employment

Speech Therapists work semi-autonomously and have some opportunity to establish an independent or consulting practice. The same skills and qualities required to operate a small business will be of benefit to the speech therapist considering self-employment. Loss of employer provided benefits should be taken into consideration when making the decision to be self-employed.


Fringe benefits will vary depending on business size and other factors. A typical benefits package is worth over $20,000 per year.

International Salary

United Kingdom (UK)[1]

Speech and language therapy jobs in the National Health Service (NHS) are usually covered by the Agenda for Change Pay Rates . Individual trusts have their own terms and conditions. For more information, see NHS Careers .

Speech and language therapists in the NHS start on £21,176 (Band 5), rising to £27,625. Other employers, such as charities and local education authorities, offer comparable pay.

Specialist speech and language therapists (Band 6) earn £25,528 - £34,189. Advanced speech and language therapists (Band 7) can earn £30,460 - £40,157.

Full-time NHS allied health professionals work 37.5 hours a week. Hours are typically 9am to 5pm with the possibility of some extra hours as and when required.

The workplace may be a hospital, health centre, day-care centre, rehabilitation unit, school or pre-school, a client's home, prison or young offenders' institution. Therapists may work in several different locations during the week.


Job titles and exact duties vary in this occupation and examples of some job titles are: audiologist, speech therapist and speech-language pathologist.

A typical full-time annual salary for this occupation is in the region of $75,000 – $85,000.

According to the latest figures, the highest hourly average wages are earned in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta at $45.61 per hour and the lowest average wages are earned in Montreal, Quebec at $28 per hour.

Employment prospects for audiologists and speech-language Pathologists are expected to remain good in Canada. The government forecasts that an aging population and early intervention initiatives will continue to fuel demand for this profession. Currently, this profession is an eligible occupation for the federal skilled worker permanent resident visa.


The average salary for a Speech Pathologist is AU $56,342 per year. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 10 years' experience in this career. The salary ranges between $41,000 and $72,000. This is mostly based on the experience and location within Australia.

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